1996 - Rothmans Williams Renault - www.ICNSportsweb.com

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Rothmans Williams Renault Formula One Team

This project took 2 years of my teams' devotion. I was trusted by Rothmans Williams Renault as creative director and editor for 1996 and 1997. The URL was advertised on the cockpits of the cars and allowed me to re-direct the audience to the website. Rothmans used the site for prominent branding without a single cigarette being seen.

The site was voted the best website on F1 in 1997. Hard to top a huge branding application as it had thousands of images of all of the teams taking part in the World Championship.

An example homepage produced for the www.icnsportsweb.com site. The site had a new homepage every 2 weeks. There also were random elements throughtout the site.

This homepage was to celebrate Jacques Villeneuve's World championship in 1997.

HUGE RESPONSIBILITY AND TRUST placed in me by Rothmans Williams Renault; I directed this site in all aspects of creative, branding and technology. The team of 7 personnel harnessed the branding opportunities presented by the Team's participation in the Formula 1 calendar.



1997 - Rothmans Williams Renault - www.ICNSportsweb.com